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Friday, May 8, 2009

House Urban Dynamic

Land for housing is limited in the middle of the city, thus become a challenge for architects to creative develop the same time accommodate the lifestyles and needs space to residential owners.

one of the urban concept of home design that is inspiring house tanti Whibowo Mirza and designed by architect S. Main Buki Old house on the land area of 248 m2 in the area of Kebayoran Baru, south Jakarta is demolished to total new home construction. In accordance with the desires of the, architects designing residential architecture with the modern concept of combining a contemporary form of a box with geometric lines, manufacturing materials with natural colors and earth tones.

As the initial stage, the architect designed a house that facade show that the composition of block cubes arranged shuttle so impressive dynamic. Block cubes on the floor above is treated as a combination massif walls painted white, the window width, and brave covered passageway aluminum and covered by sloping roof give an impression so light and clean look. Block cubes on the floor under coated by natural stone walls and the garage in front of the home partition consists of stacks of wood lath which gives the image of warm and" soft. "

The next stage is to design layout / layout in the residential space. In this case, home owners have a special request form and medical practice room waiting area. For a form, the architect put in the practice room faces the house while the ground floor of the waiting room with adjoining terrace in front of the shelter by partition walls of wood and have a separate access from the main entrance. Thus the boundary area is clear without the owner's privacy and facade home.

To make an impression and maximize the use of field land is limited, designed layout that is open. Most front room is on the bulkhead by a transparent wall with a void area and other space so that both the front and felt relieved when the entrance to the house. There are in the middle of the dining, living room and pantry are styled ignites without partition walls. On the back of the house there is a guest bedroom and a kitchen that is located opposite each other, squeeze the back terrace.

So that the circulation of fresh air and natural light to enter the most of every corner of the house, the architect designing the form of the small void sweep (slit opening) meeting on the ceiling above the hall with a wall behind which are designed as a transparent glass window width. Slit opening seen in the similar wall on the floor above the offset arrangement with the distaff in the ceiling above the floor. Area in the middle of the house also designed a two-store void with a railing from the glass-plated film.

Some of the window given Brave teak while some other windows with white aluminum brave appear so attractive. On the top floor, designed a home theater room. In addition to the audio video equipment sophisticated, this room is designed with a wall of glass that is made deliberately sloping railing and ladder match. To create a comfortable interior atmosphere and elegant, the architect, together with the owners choose simple minimalist-style furniture.

Each room is designed with different themes such as living room is dominated by gray on the walls and the partition table and the color broken white paint on the walls and leather Barcelona chair facing chair of famous architect Mies Van der Rohe. The different feel in the dining and family rooms are dominated by the chairs and sofa-plated black leather, wallpaper and carpet brown - beige and captivating lighting. Accessories add style modern ethnic look beautiful space.

Kitchen designed by a team of Kitchen Indawo also show a combination of dark coffee brown color and silver. Overall, the successful architect with owners to create a comfortable dwelling and expressive. (Imelda Anwar)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Resort Atmosphere In The House Of Tropical Living

Natural atmosphere, comfortable, cool and luxurious feel while on holiday in a resort can provide inspiration to build houses landscape tropical modern style, as though we are not in the middle of metropolitan city. 

Residential design ideas such as this was the desire of owners to realize the housing with the atmosphere in the home such as health. With lot of 1250 m2 and is located in the elite housing complex in the area of West Jakarta, owners also want to enjoy the convenience and facilities of the display housing in accordance with the elegant lifestyle of the present. To achieve this, a young architect to design residential Handoko Gunawan modern contemporary style that integrates with the landscape so that the nuances tropical owner returned to his house, they immediately feel the change in the environment a more peaceful and calm. Landscapes in the residential area is designed by designers from Widjatmiko Heru Agla Pradipta Tama. 

as a first step, the architect attempts to optimize the potential footprint in the letter L, is in the corner in the complex and make the front of the dwelling to the west. Architect mimics the layout of a resort that visited to the processing of land in residential lot is to divide into three zones based on hierarchy activities and orientation to the sun. The first is the public zone, consists of the main entrance, front room and a multipurpose room located at the front / west and the land can be seen from the outside. Second is the private zone, consisting of pantry, breakfast area, bedroom, study room and home theater which is located on the back of the land so privacy is not disturbed. Third is semi public zone, consisting of family room, formal room to eat, the service area and rear terrace with a swimming pool beside.

Three-zone division of the activities realized in this two-unit building organized mass resembling the letter T. Like the concept of a resort, the formation of this area combined with a processed form Carport, open veranda, garden and swimming pool so that emphasize the impression of space in the "embrace" outside the room. This concept is supported by the mass of the building that draws on the principles of tropical but "packed" in a more modern form. Elements Tropical of the building is the dominant saddle roof, the roof and shield the pergola shade in space and avoid broiling from the sun. On the roof of each building unit is deliberately made with a different elevation so that creating a dynamic composition. Order to reach this climax sitting on the roof space above the floor to the rear to form a portico on the rear terrace.

the form of a conventional roof is combined with holes the size of a glass and without brave installed under the roof so that it gives to the vista outside pergola while the blade is made of wood-chip and glass so that it appear more contemporary. Architects also designed the windows wide to maximize the view and the entrance distance space natural light and fresh air circulation. Architects also expose the beauty of texture, color and patterns of natural materials with elegant tropical ambience. Use of each type of material is also adapted to the character of each room. For example Scottish brown types of marble used in the bathroom while the main types of dark emperador and serpegiante used in the main rooms to luxurious effect. 

Floor rear terrace near the swimming pool, pergola and fence gates made from merbau wood to emphasize the impression of nature. Floor material with a rough texture like nero absoluto finishing with flame and andesite stone used in the entrance lobby and stairs to create atmosphere in space outside the area. In managing the house interior, the architect selected modern classic furniture style that dominated the form of boxes, but in combination with geometric detail, the game patterns and colors that appear brown monokromatik elegant and luxurious experience. For example, the architect who designed the panel decorative veneer coated by fibrous motifs such as exotic wood anigre in the family room. In addition, a layer of wood veneer panel wood motif in Makasar eboni bedroom combined with the padded wall layered silk soft cloth. 

In accordance with the initial concept all the spaces in the oriented outwards through openings open-field and transparent. So that the atmosphere is not boring landscape designers attempt to create a different concept for each view of the direction in space and from the outside. Thus the form of a landscape orientation space to all directions. 

  Further realized with the concept of the resort combines elements of soft material and hard material are in harmony. Elements of the soft material is selected tropical crops that have a variety of types and variety of texture formation is adjusted to the room. This work not only provides shelter but also "touch" the decorative form of the game and the color of plants and elements of its hard material. 

The concept of front garden to complement more focused facade building. To compensate for the high buildings are placed a few palm sadeng proportional to the loop while the composition of heterogeneous plant styled lower and more feel that gradation ignites. Bougainville plants and hibiscus plants that fill the basin to grow along the fence with the color of flowers dangle a bertonasi warm. This reduces the effect of massive wall fence. Landscape front of the green from the garden can also be enjoyed from the rooms in the area on both private and semi-private area in the. Parks in the swimming pool to be the center of attention and orientation to be spaces in it. Blue surface of the pond water appears to be in contrast with the green plants that around. Objects of art from the white sandstone in some form and function to add the beautiful atmosphere. Some hole that follow the curvature of building, created a dry garden sustain a view of the direction in space. On a very quiet location such as on inner court in addition to pantry and dining in and around the main bathroom is designed to be shady garden (shade garden) crops with resistance to the fluorescent material and gravel for the floor closure. 

Location: Home to live in West Jakarta 
  Architecture and interior: Handoko Gunawan's consultant Architect Handoko 
  Landscape: Widjatmiko Heru from Agla Pradipta Tama

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tip to make limited land property

strategist the limited use of land for housing to become more and more challenges faced by architects and contractors. They demanded not only able to accommodate the needs but also to create space for the owner of the house style of living.

Houses located in urban areas Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang is the work of architect Hanny and colleagues. With land area of 118 m2 with a fence barrier to optimize lot of land architect trying to place a family with three children. As the initial stage, architects and owners agreed selecting modern minimalist style with a few modifications according to the color the owner desires. Mass building weight composition of the geometric shaped fields organized shuttle or italics appear so dynamic. Half-saddle-shaped roof which will be the first accents that immediately attract the attention of people.

Following the position of the building which is located in the corner lot of land (hook), this house is designed with two facade that looks forward and looks aside. Most of the walls be painted primrose yellow and old. Some of the other fields were given the finishing line and texture be painted gray while brave windows and doors were given white finishing. Accents appear on the face of the canopy is designed as a framework of steel with the system hanging / cantilever a shade Carport and entrance area. Other accents include cantilever canopy structure and some balcony trellis as designed grille and was finishing red. There are also ornaments such as a flag pole attached to the wall.

Next, the architect is also considering inclusion of air circulation and natural light to every corner of the dwelling house so that healthy and comfortable. Therefore, the installed fan and turbine on the roof make a hole up to the roof void above the kitchen while all the rooms facing outwards equipped by the wide glass window. All walls and ceiling be painted in the color off white colors. Similarly with color facing floor tiles that give the impression of light and spacious. Next, apply architect room layout (layout), namely rooms semi public placed on the ground floor while the rooms and a private service on the floor above.

To be efficient, the space some of these tricks are applied functions guest rooms combined with a family room area while the kitchen eating area with a mix. Some of the rooms on the ground floor is given a transparent insulator. For example between the room and sitting room and kitchen eating isolation with glass sliding doors from the ceiling as sandblast. Appliances in width is also designed with a 60 cm form resembling the letter U, while the framework of steel and ceramics from the tread pattern is also wood, giving the impression expose "light". In addition, the roof vault room (Attic), which is in the top of the room used for storage and wash area dry in the sun.

A different design approach is also seen in the furniture that no longer dominated by the geometrical form, but given a little touch of curved or decorative ornaments that appear beautiful so elegant. This can be seen on the set of sofas in the sitting room is combined with a coffee table and console table, modern classical nuances. In addition to accessories such as a large rounded mirror, the facing brown color to bring a warm atmosphere. Go to the kitchen and eating area, feel and effect of modern domination red color is a favorite of the owner. This is seen in the high pressure laminate finishing / HPL in the cupboard (kitchen set).

Not to impressive bored, some kitchen cupboard doors made from glass opaque (acid glass) and HPL gray while the work table surface coated by the solid black surface. The form of boxes in the kitchen cupboard combined with the lines on the handle cupboard doors and windows trellis made of iron. Next in order lighting design (lighting) such as the type of down light lighting and not directly on the suspended ceiling to create a comfortable atmosphere in both rooms and facade on in the evening. Satisfied because the architects have successfully created in the residential area which is relatively narrow in accordance with the desires of the owner